About the page?

AS you can probably guess, I’m a man – and all I’m here to do is share some opinions, I don’t want to brainwash you, actually I’d find it a hell of a lot more satisfying if people would debate my opinions!

This is the perfect platform to show how diverse everyone of us can be! Hopefully if we can get this page to take off I will happily have some guest articles published, there is nothing better than giving the little guy the opportunity to make a point. As I say anything that is published is purely an opinion, you don’t have to agree with everything that is said, if something really does offend you feel free to contact the page and I am sure we can repair any harm caused.

I will sign off by saying that anything that is said with the intention of offence will not be tolerated, so be careful with your comments people! Oh, and please excuse any naughty words! I have the mouth of a sailor!

Thanks, and happy reading.