Jeremy Corbyn – the apparent man of the hour during recent weeks, a man who has seemingly managed to split opinion in every walk of life, including his own party, and most importantly – across our nation.

As anyone who isn’t living beneath a political rock will have most likely seen, Jeremy Corbyn this weekend has snubbed the official Armed Forces Day parade in host city Liverpool in favour of giving a speech to thousands of the impressionable youth who have flocked to Glastonbury for a weekend of booze, mud and music. Now, as you may have guessed from the opening to this post, I am not pro-Corbyn in any way, shape or form.

There are reasons for this, the first being that I have no trust for Mr Corbyn. The things he says and the ideology that he attempts to push is something that unnerves me, and I am not saying that I trust politicians in the first place, it is just that Mr Corbyn has an aura around him that makes me think I’d have a cold shiver if he were to brush past me on the tube.

I also believe that his views and the ideas that he seems intent on thrusting onto our society are very close, if not identical to those of Karl Marx. Within a definition that I have found on the Business Dictionary website there is a sentence that reads:

“Under Marxism, outdated class structures were supposed to be overthrown with force (revolution) instead of being replaced through patient modification.”

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This to me says that although he himself is not encouraging the use of force, a lot of the support that he has gained in recent weeks and months have begun this process of attempting their own warped revolution to overthrow the duly elected Tory government. I believe this gives us perfect reason to be wary of the threat that Jeremy Corbyn poses to what is at current, a somewhat peaceful society that has managed for the most part to succeed using democracy and the use of free speech – which I now believe is also being abused by certain factions of society to spread a vindictive and harmful view.

Although most of the current generations will not know what it is like to live within a Marxist environment – I think it is quite blatant that it does not work, all the evidence we need stems from countries such as North Korea, who have lived under a dictator for many generations, and a society which has poverty beyond what we can imagine.

Should people continue this ludicrous campaign to allow Mr Corbyn to create this damned society that he preaches of, then I see a hollowed existence on the horizon for our nation.


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