Feminism – such a touchy subject, but this is something that I have wanted to say for a little while, and is also a major reason for starting this blog, as it is one of the first ideas that I had that I thought had any sort of substance and would garner any sort of opinion, as it is such a subject that can really divide a room.

First of all, what is it? Well here is the first definition that popped up when after I punched ‘feminism definition’ into google:

The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

So, relatively straight forward? It’s all about bringing women and their rights to the same level as what us, as men, sometimes take for granted. I mean, come on, we have never had a group like the Suffragettes that have had to fight and lay down their lives for something like the right to vote, something that I personally take for granted, all of this during a time when ever men who were imprisoned had the right to vote. Now I appreciate that the world we live in today this is seen as something that should be judged as automatic, but we have never witnessed a woman jump in front of a racehorse to her death just for that cause.

This was a fantastic cause that was supported by some phenomenal women, and everyday there are women around us that do an unbelievable job, and I don’t mean women in the workplace, who now work in the Armed Forces, the Police and the Fire Brigade or the female doctors, even the stay at home mothers who care for the home and children do things that deserve our admiration each and every day. This I believe is a very important cause and something which needs everyone to stand up and take notice of, we should appreciate what all women do day in, day out, but shouldn’t that just be common nature? Shouldn’t we appreciate everyone and everything that they do for the good of society and other people? Should that not just be ingrained into us as decent human beings and the moral code that should be instilled in all of us from a young age?

A major talking point around feminism and where the biggest gap for men and women is the difference in how much we are paid – for people who would like to read further into this there is a fantastic article here from the Telegraph. It does show that there is quite a large gap – 9.4% which is currently the lowest gap on record, although there has been very little change in recent years. Considering this, it does show that as a society we are moving in the right direction, but also mentioned in the article it does show that in some areas of Britain women have not only equaled mens pay, but have now surpassed it, in Rossendale, Lancashire women on average are paid over 27% more than men, this is also the case in as many as 28 other Local Authorities in the Uk.

Could this mean that we may be going too far in terms of feminism? Are people trying to push women beyond men now and moving in a direction where equality does not exist but is moving into a favourable direction of women?

Another argument that I find gets irksome, is the number of CEO’s that are in fact male, now I understand that more women need to be in top jobs, but I would like to go further into the matter. Can women hold top positions in companies if they haven’t earned the position in question, another view is that women will have a longer period of leave after the birth of a child on average, this would usually be between 3-6 months, if a woman within a company has 3 children, she could work almost 18 months less than that of a male counterpart. I am not saying that should be an issue, but if two male colleagues were applying for the same job, and one had been away from work for 18 months more than another, would that then be questioned during the selection process?

I understand that we need to live in a more equal society and I am very much in favour of that happening, but maybe, political correctness had struck once again and is causing people to overlook when we could perhaps be moving too far in one direction, and inadvertently creating a whole new problem.

Let me know your thoughts below!


One thought on “Feminism – Equality, or Supremacy?

  1. Interesting post. I agree that on some areas political correctness has and is going too far, however, be careful not to draw or insight battle lines. Although I understand your point about a woman taking maternity leave and thus reducing her ‘experience’ I’m not all together sure I agree with it. 2,3,4,5 years out of work is an issue, maybe, but 18 months? It’s not a huge time frame, although I guess that depends on the industry they are in.
    What do we, as society do? For the most part like you say, woman do receive lower pay, and now we are to continue to be at a disadvantage for child birth too? So no, maternity leave should never be included as a gap in work experience – for the most part. It’s not political correctness gone wrong, nor is it fair. Both parents wanted the child, yet currently only one takes ‘the fall’ from child birth. at least in the UK.

    This isn’t a matter of woman v man, it’s a matter of society and how we are forced to ‘play the game’. Capitalism and parenting do not, currently, work well together. It’s madness. Each sex is blaming the other, ‘it’s not fair’ neither side has it fair. It’s not fair women get paid less, it’s not fair men are expected to be the bread winners.I completely understand where you are coming from, my partner and I had a ‘debate’ about it just last night, yet I fear that using feminism along side supremacy is damaging, this is exactly what we need to prevent in order for a fair society. It’s not a threat, or them and us, these lines need to be removed before we create this mentality.

    The answer to becoming equal doesn’t lie with giving either side more or less, I believe it lies with smashing gender roles.


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