So, as this is the first post being published, I thought it would be good to start with something that has divided opinion across the UK – Brexit.

Now I will openly admit that I voted for the UK to leave the EU, and as most would guess I was overjoyed when the result was announced, this was something that I had been hoping would happen for many years, much before the referendum was announced, and this was with good reason.

My main reason is the when I think of the UK, I think back to the proud history that we have produced, held the greatest empire the world has ever seen, we won two world wars, and for over the last century been at the forefront of global politics, yet here we are being governed by an unelected group of politicians that sit in Brussels who can overrule our own laws and policies. Personally I feel that was ludicrous that could happen, and we needed to be able to make our own decisions, we need to be able to create our own trade agreements (this is something I believe is important beyond comprehension – but more on that later), and to retrieve our identity to become great once again.

Since the result of the referendum broke, I have heard many people from the Remain camp refer to brexiteers as many names, one of the most regular as stupid or uneducated. I find this troubling, as just because we have a difference of opinion, this does not make others stupid, it just shows the we have a difference on views of how the world works, I for one am grateful that we belong to a nation where we can have such a difference, it could be a hell of a lot worse, just imagine being under the rule of North Korea.

Now I am going to go back to my earlier point, that we must be able to make our own trade agreements with different nations. I believe this to be so important to the future of this nation because of how much this world has changed in the last century – although there is a huge gap between the richest and poorest of us that still persists, as nations we are closer than ever before. Who would of believe during the reign of Queen Victoria we would see countries like India capable of having their own space program, or that Brazil would have such a growing economy, these are the things that we need to harness, and we need to be able to create agreements that will benefit both parties, and this would be much easier being independent, rather than as part of the Trade Bloc created by the EU.

I also believe that by triggering Article 50 and leaving the EU, we are leaving what is quickly becoming a dictatorship, something where we as the common man and women will have no real voice, and where it will only be of benefit for the very top of society, the fat cats and beauraucrats that sit above all of us. The main issue I have with this, is that those people are unelected by us whom have the laws and policies that they create thrust upon us.

Now that the result is out there and Article 50 has been triggered, we need to pull together into a common group to move forwards for a deal that will benefit our nation, pushing us into new dawns making us Great Britain once again. We should forget new referendums to try and change the result, this is what democracy is about, the majority voted for it, now we must live with it, we should stay as the United Kingdom, not as independent nations with the Scottish leaving us, we are now in an unprecedented position. Let us not waste this opportunity, for we have the chance to change the world as we know it.

Thanks for reading folks.


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